The ultimate solution for enhancing your client's experience!
Our QR portal is designed to simplify the booking process and provide your
clients with a seamless experience.

QR standee for your reception

Enhance your reception with our QR standee for effortless smartphone access to vital salon information for clients.


Optimize your academy's efficiency. Effortlessly manage scheduling, students, and admin tasks. Simplify enrollment, course management, and track student progress for streamlined education.

Client Management

Efficiently organize client data, track interactions, and foster lasting relationships with our streamlined Client Management tool for business growth and success.


Maximize efficiency with our Inventory Management Software. Streamline tracking, optimize stock levels, and simplify inventory tasks for seamless business operations.

Marketing tools

Send advanced wishes, leverage SMS marketing, Reward points, and execute multi-location campaigns for a dynamic, widespread outreach strategy and enhanced customer engagement.

Get the best out of your business with this game-changer Management Software

Retain more clients

Reward Points

Clients earn points per visit, redeemable for cash discounts, promoting repeat visits to your business place.

e-Wallet & Packages

Offer e-wallets, streamline payments, and sell personalized service bundles efficiently.

Service Reminders

Automated reminders encourage clients' return to your business every few weeks.

Automate management of
your salon & spa

See how
our customers
drive impact

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