Grab the Win-Win deal and choose our Aesthetic Clinic Management Software. With its features such as E-prescriptions, package customization, E-waiver forms, before-after photo gallery, and so on, it is the perfect match for your Aesthetic Clinic. Book your free demo now!

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Some of the important features of our Reports & Graphs tools are


Our easy software website offers an advanced E-Prescription feature designed specifically for aesthetic clinics, enabling clinicians to conveniently create and send digital prescriptions to their clients with ease.

E-Prescription for aesthetic
Multiple Sittings Management Software

Multiple Sittings Management

The system factors in treatment duration, caregiver availability, and recovery periods between sessions to efficiently book patient appointments across providers. Convenient self-scheduling through the patient portal is also available.

Aesthetic Package & Services All at Once

Patients can easily review and select discounted bundled treatments like Botox with facial fillers or body contouring with skin tightening. Package details are stored directly within patient profiles for reference during appointments.

Aesthetic Package & Services
Client Treatment History - Get Easy Software

Client Treatment History

Consolidate consultation notes, before & after photos, lab reports, consent forms, and other data into detailed electronic patient profiles that authorized staff can access anytime. This facilitates procedures and follow-ups.

Client before and after photos

Our easy software website provides the Client Before and After Photos feature, catering to the needs of aesthetic clinics. With this feature, clinicians can easily capture client photos before and after their treatment sessions and store them on a secure cloud-based platform. This helps in showing clear results to the clients and also helps the clinic in recognizing any changes or effects of the treatments.

Clients Treatment Results
E-Waiver Form - Get Easy Software

E-Waiver Form

Our easy software website offers an innovative E-Waiver Form feature, specifically designed for aesthetic clinics. With its user-friendly interface, clinic owners can seamlessly create and manage digital waiver forms, eliminating the need for paper-based documentation. This convenient and efficient solution enhances the client experience while streamlining administrative processes for the clinic.

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The software helps salons and clinics manage appointments, customer records, and billing more efficiently. It also supports marketing and provides insights into business performance, making operations smoother and improving customer satisfaction. Recognizing, and understanding all such potential benefits, the owners of aesthetic clinics are moving towards the use of such software, and hence its popularity is increasing day by day.

The owners of the Aesthetic clinic can benefit in a number of ways via the incorporation of aesthetic software into their business. Firstly, it reduces the overload of staff by amplifying the procedures of appointments, bookings, and inventory management. Additionally, it also helps to attract new clients which is the basic dream, or motive of every owner operating an aesthetic clinic, or center.

Once the software has been successfully implemented into the business, it will start to result in a number of benefits, some of which are as follows:

  1. Quick and easy appointments
  2. E-Prescription facility possible
  3. Customized Aesthetic Package & Services
  4. Better social media coverage
  5. Improved relations with customers
  6. Reduced overall administrative burden

Usually, the software used for Aesthetic clinics is highly expensive. But Easy Software for Aesthetic Clinic is the only software available that is first pocket-friendly, and it also contains all the identical features, and benefits that an ideal or highly expensive aesthetic software possesses.

While looking at the widespread usage, and positive feedback from the users, it will be wise to consider the Easy Software For Aesthetic Clinic as one of the best software these days. In fact, not only in India, this software is quite famous and highly used in multiple big countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Canada, the U.S., Maldives, Malaysia, Saudi, and Kuwait.

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