Undoubtedly, there are some key features of marketing tools that include reward points, eWallet, memberships, and many more other power tools of business that can augment customer engagement, retention, and overall business growth to newer dimensions.

Here Are Some of The Key Features of Our Marketing Tools

Reward Points

Reward Points Program: Our reward points system allows your customers to incentivize their repeat business by helping them earn points with every purchase. The customer then refunds this provision by providing a allowance against the service offered by you.


To build in that much-needed customer loyalty and constant customer membership ratio, provide our membership program for customers with a monthly or yearly fee that offers loads of discounts, services, and others complementary. It is a great mode of increasing retention ratios in customers.

Service Reminders Auto Generate

Automatically reduce no-shows through emails and SMS sent automatically to your customers in advance of their appointments, thus making them never miss an appointment. E-wallet-Allows your customers to retain some available credit with you for use in subsequent services. This is actually a most stress-free way of making payments without having to carry cash or cards around.


Our e-wallet feature allows customers to store credit on their account that can be used for future services. This is a convenient way to pay for services without the need for cash or cards.

Bulk SMS & Email

With the help of our bulk SMS and email feature, you can send out promotional messages and appointment reminders and messages to all your customers. This way, you ensure top-of-mind and engagement of your customers with your business.

Coupons on Online Appointments

With the ability of our coupon feature, you are able to offer discounts for services if they are booked online. This is a way through which customers will be attracted to book online. Hence it increases the amount of your online appointments.

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