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Enhance business efficiency easily and increase convenience to manage clients, employees, inventory, and reports across multiple properties. Centralized control for maximum convenience and productivity.

Here are some of the major features of our Multiple Property Management tools

Ease of Reports & One Place Management on the Move

Access full property reporting, monitor sales, inventory, and customer data of all property locations in real time with ease.

Daily Summery Report Software
Easily Transfer Products Software

Easily Transfer Products

You can easily transfer the products between properties without breaking a sweat to meet consumer requests.

Moving Service Providers and Staff

Easily transfer staff from one property to another, at the same time maintaining standards of service, contributing further to a great customer experience at all properties.

All Location Access to Client Memberships, Wallets, Gift Cards, Reward Points

Accessing the client memberships, wallets, gift cards, and rewards is possible seamlessly across all property locations.

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