Business tracking software solution for accurate data. It gives you all reports and graphs ranging from each and every detail of your business operations. This software is a no-brainer for any business that wants to crush the competition.

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Following are some of the key features of our reports & graphs tools

We provide reports on almost everything

Gain insights into various business operations with comprehensive reports, aiding informed decisions for growth and profitability.

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Daily operational compiled reports will be helping in the following sections

Informed decisions to grow and profits get insights on different business functions. Obtain insights on various operational functions. EOD

Report on Product Usage

Find ways to save useful products, identify the fast-moving products for reordering, keep your stock optimized, and strategize ways to improve the product range.

Report on Product Usage
Service Provider Work Schedules

Service Provider Work Schedules and Commissions Reports

Our software provides the service provider with working schedules coupled with commission earnings reports. Indeed, this would be able to track the performance of your service provider and also ensure that the remuneration is fair for their hard work.

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