Simple and easy, the software was designed in such a way that it can ease your makeup process. This software is a baller move, it'll take your business to the big leagues. Here are some key features of our makeup studio software.

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Here are some of the key features of our Reports & Graphs tools

Sell courses online

Students can view class schedules, curriculum details, pricing, instructor bios, and easily signup for makeup lessons or multi-week courses completely online.

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Auto generate E-Certificate Software

Auto generate E-Certificate & Student Profile

Access comprehensive student profiles showing contact info, attendance history, skills progress, assessment scores, event bookings, and notes to provide tailored instruction.

Makeup License Card

Instantly produce professional makeup license cards for students once they complete certification requirements. Cards feature the student's details and can be branded with your studio logo.

Makeup License Card - Get easy Software
Student Fees & Installments Management Software

Student Fees & Installments Management

Students can divide course fees into manageable monthly payments to improve affordability. The system tracks due dates and sends automated reminders.

Online registrations

Makeup studio management is not as simple, but with our software solutions, enjoy even better streamlined appointments, payments, and communications. Uplift your services through automation and stay connected via reminders and promotional deals.

Online registrations Software
QR standee - Get Easy Software

QR Standee for Your Reception

Our QR standee can be put at the reception place in your makeup studio & academy. The students & clients will have to scan a QR code from their smartphone and can get all the required information relating to your business with a lot of ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the most simple terms, we can define it as an online platform, or a tool that is mainly designed to reduce the burden of running a makeup studio along with presenting other associated benefits such as better customer relations, proper maintenance of inventory, and enhanced social media coverage.

Using software in the makeup studio, or other related businesses can help in multiple ways. Firstly, it makes the appointment booking procedure damn easy along with ensuring proper maintenance of the client's data. Using the software, one can also access the monthly performance reports through which sound future decision-making for the business can be based.

The cost of makeup studio software can highly vary depending upon the brand, type, and size you are going for. But if you are choosing Easy Software For Makeup Studio and Academy, then we can assure you that it is the best match for both- your business and your financial capacity.

Easy Software For Makeup Studio and Academy is one of the most used and popular software these days. The reason behind the software being the best and most widely used in India is its unique features and amazing benefits. That’s why the owners of makeup studios all over the other countries are opting for this software.

Yes! If you are looking for a free demo session, then Easy Software For Makeup Studio and Academy can be a perfect match. Such a demo session will help you to gain familiarity with the potential benefits of the software, and you can easily analyze to what extent this software is helpful for your business.

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