Ditch the manual labor, this software will automate your way to success. Get Easy has been designed especially from scratch for you to be able to make an easy, simple, and fast schedule while granting groom experiences.. They feature integrated credit card processing with automatic SMS and email notification so that you can spend more time doing what you most love - taking care of the pets. Here are some key features of our Tools - Reports & Graphs

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Here are some of the key features of our Reports & Graphs tools

Parent information

Robust profiles document pet info like breed, age, medical history, vaccinations, allergies, preferred products & services, emergency contacts, and grooming notes. This data ensures every animal receives proper care.

Pet Information Record - Get easy Software
Pet vaccination and habit record Software

Pet vaccination and habit record

Our easy software website includes a comprehensive Pet Vaccination and Habit Record feature, tailored to the needs of pet groomers, allowing them to efficiently track and manage vaccination records and habits of their furry clients.

Hostel Management

Extend boarding stays, schedule daycare visits, and process payments for pet hostel services seamlessly. Owners can make reservations online and receive updates on their pets during stays.

Hostel Management Software
E-Shop for Pet Products Software

E-Shop for Pet Products

Our easy software website integrates an intuitive E-Shop for Pet Products feature, empowering pet groomers to effortlessly showcase and sell a wide range of pet products to their customers, enhancing their business offerings and convenience for pet owners.

QR standee - Get Easy Software

QR Standee for Your Reception

Make adding our QR standee to your easy groom reception, so whenever clients want to know anything regarding you pet grooming business, they just pull out their smartphone, scan all details right from there, and book an appointment with you.

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